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Mattress Machinery Offers

MPT Group Bordamax Vertical Stitch Border Machine(new) Computer Controlled Vertical Border Machine This computer controlled Vertical Stitch Border Machine utilises a Juki high speed double lock chain...

Fanghanel PFH-50G Handle Making Machine (new) Mattress Handle Manufacturing System with guillotine cut to length facility

300UX5 Mattress Tape Edge Sewing Head 300UX5 Mattress Tape Edge Sewing Head Usual Selling Price £4,595.00 Offer price £3,250.00 Dealer MPT Group Call 01706...

Matramatic CQT SculptureQuilt Mattress Panel Quilting Machine New Matramatic CQT SculptureQuilt, Heavy Duty Mattress Panel Quilting Machine, Sews Latex PU Foam Memory Foam etc... The No 1 Selling Quilting Machine...

Helix HX-200 Bonnel Spring Transfer Machine (new) Bonnell Coil Transfer Machine A Full Range Of Mattress Spring Making Machinery Available

MPT Groups AutoTuft Automatic Mattress Tufting Machine (New)

Ref :0000084 This Patented Fully Automated Mattress Tufting System AutoTuft Can Tuft Up To 400 Mattresses Per Shift.

Machine Details

The AUTO-TUFT System is fully automated and capable of tufting 200/400 mattresses per 8-hour shift. It requires only one operator; virtually eliminating the need for material handling. Products are introduced into the machine via a horizontal conveyor that centralises the mattress before tufting. Sensors automatically detect the size of the mattress during the in-feed process and relays this data to the AUTO-TUFT’s PLC this then selects the correct tuft pattern for that product size. After tufting is complete, products can either be exited via a gravity conveyor or fed directly into a mattress wrapper.

macchinario del materasso

Madrass maskineri

Matratze Maschinen

Saltea maşină

Matrac gép, gépezet

дюшек, матрак машинен

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