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Mattress Machines Wanted

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I am interested in a independent two head stitching machine for mattress. Resta, Mamute, Dueffe, etc... Thank You.

Posted 12/10/2010


machines use for cutting the fabric roll width 5cm that we can used for quilting edge

Posted 01/11/2010


hand operated quilting machine for outline quilting to design with approx 200 to 270cm working surface, to accommodate full width of king size bedcovers

Posted 24/11/2010


a full set of bonnel spring machines coiler & assembler

Posted 07/01/2011


Tape edge machine expert, whith over 25 years expreiance in mattress making. Own machine.

Posted 20/09/2011


rebound foam machine, circular horizontal cutting machine (CAROSEL FOAM CUTTING )

Posted 08/11/2011

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